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DID YOU KNOW that you need to disclose to your Home & Contents insurer if you are operating a business from home?  That includes operating a home cake decorating or baking business.

Many home insurers do not wish to insure houses where there is a business operating from them.  Many ACDN Members have found it difficult to find an insurer that cover them for home and contents insurance, or they may not realise their existing policy they are paying for may not cover them in the case of a home & contents claim, as they have not disclosed they are running a business from home.

As a result of numerous enquiries from ACDN Members, we have sourced two insurers that will cover your house & contents with your business operating from it.  Please note, you still need to have a business Public Liability policy in place to cover your legal liability for your cake decorating or baking business whether it is through Red Star Insurance Brokers or elsewhere.

In addition to covering your domestic contents, we have sourced insurers that will also provide up to $10,000 cover for your business contents at the premises, at no extra cost!

The best part about insuring your Home & Contents through Red Star?  If you need to make a change to your policy or lodge a claim, you simply call Sam and she will get you sorted!  Sound better than calling a call centre overseas?

To obtain a quote, please complete the form below. Or simply email a copy of your current insurance schedule to sam@redib.com.au

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Consolidate your business insurance and your home & contents insurance with Red Star Insurance Brokers and make sure you’re covered!

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